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8 Tips to get a Slim Face and a Strong Jawline!

A strong chiseled face structure is sexy! Both a masculine jaw and a small and defined face are considered to be very attractive for both men and women! If you look at successful runway models, almost none of them have chubby cheeks or a round face. So the Obvious question is: What can we do about it? Before we move on to the 7 specific measures you can take we have to understand the three main causes for a rounder face. Excess body Fat Like everywhere in our body, we store excess fat underneath the skin. Depending on our body fat percentage this will also happen in our face and cause us to look chubby and full. Genetic factors as well as our age have huge effects on the amount of fat stored in our face. Water retention The most common cause for a rounder face. Water is also stored underneath our skin and often makes us look more chubby than we actually are! This happens separately from the storage of Fat and can change heavily on a daily basis depending on our diet! Bone structure The last important factor and the one that is very hard to influence! We are born with a certain face structure and if you have a shorter chin your face will look rounder overall. Nevertheless there are ways to strengthen muscles in your jaw to change the overall look of your face!

8 ways to get a slimmer face! 1) Hydrate It is not very intuitive but drinking more water has been proven to reduce water retention in our body! Being hydrated has many benefits such as improved skin, fat loss and also helps with our electrolyte balance which is essential for a slimmer face! I make it a priority to stay away from sugary drinks and drink at least 3-4 l every day! 2) Move Especially if you suffer from a puffy face early in the morning you will see an immediate effect by simply moving your body. Movement enhances your blood circulation and helps to reduce "Morning puffiness". That's why whenever I have an important meeting or photo shoot I try to either go for a run or at least walk for a while before it starts! 3) Haircut Your hair doesn't have a direct effect on the shape of your face but it can heavily impact your overall look! A haircut that is tall will optically elongate your head and make you look more slim and defined! So if you have very dense hair and I would suggest trimming the sides and grow out the top to create the illusion of a much longer face structure! 4) Mouth Excercises Like everywhere in your body you also have a lot of muscles in your face. These muscles can be strengthened by jaw excercises like opening your mouth to make a long and exaggerated "AAAAAA" sound followed by a deeper "UUUUU" sound. You can also blow air in your upper and lower lip for 2 minutes straight. Do this every day for 3 minutes each while you're on the subway or watching YouTube Videos! 5) Less Chinese Food Especially after eating heavy and salty meals I can see the immediate effect on my face the next morning! The sodium in salty food causes an increased water retention and my face looks very round and swollen the next day! You don't have to completely exclude sodium from your diet but stay away from fast food and go for raw Whole Foods like unsalted vegetables and fruit! 6) Weight Loss Probably the hardest measure to take! We all Store fat in our cheeks and reducing your body fat percentage will automatically make you look slimmer in your face as well! There are a million reasons to work out- this is just one more! So eat healthy and work out on a regular basis! I you want to know how, check out this Article about my diet. 7) Chewing Gum My favorite Secret to a slimmer Face! Long-term studies in Sweden have shown that chewing gum every day for a full year can visibly strengthen the jaw-muscles which will make you look more masculine! I chew gum whenever I work. It could help your jaw structure and will also prevent you from binge eating or smoking while you chew gum! 8) Dark Clothes White Shirts erase your jaw! I learned this from a photographer at a shoot in New York! Especially bright clothing will reflect the light back to your face from underneath and your jaw will not look as pronounced anymore! Black shirts on the other hand absorb the light that comes in and create the illusion of a stronger Jaw! That's why for most of my castings I only wear simple black shirts! There you have it! 8 Tips that can get you a slimmer face and chiseled jawline!

Find out which aspect you could work on and follow these steps. Sometimes your electrolyte balance is off and you just need to hydrate and reduce sodium sometimes it is a combination of different aspects and sometimes a good diet and weight are the key! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more updates and Videos or support my content if this was helpful for you! On that note: Stay chiseled my friends ;-)


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