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7 Reasons why You should take Cold Showers!

Why in the world would anyone take a cold shower?! That's what all my friends ask me when I tell them that I have been taking cold showers every morning.

Most people prefer their comfortable and warm showers. But these benefits of cold showers will blow your mind!

Let's look at the top 7 reasons why I love cold showers!

1)Alertness You need coffee to wake up?! I think I have something better! Once the cold water hits my body in the morning I immediately start taking deep full breaths. Breathing is proven to be one of the most energizing things you can do for your body. In that moment I am absolutely present in my body without any thoughts about the day that's ahead of me! 2) Recovery Feeling sore?! Russian powerlifters and athletes all over the world have been using cold baths after an intense workout to recover faster! Being able to speed up muscle recovery will reduce soreness. It will then make you able to get stronger and workout with a lot more efficiency. No matter what workout you do, cold showers will boost your performance! 3) Will Power What are you afraid of?! We all have fears but the good news is that fear is a conditioned reaction. We don't feel comfortable speaking in public or to start talking to somebody we find attractive. It is a lot easier to stay in our comfort zone. But taking a cold shower is uncomfortable. It is one little step that will make you realize that stepping out of your comfort zone is not as scary. Doing uncomfortable things will become a habit and a cold shower has helped me to take that first step! 4) Skincare Want clear skin?! Even if personal development is not your first concern, taking a cold shower also takes care of your beauty! Hot showers will both strip your hair and your skin and cause it to dry out more easily. Cold water on the other hand is a lot softer. It protects your hair and closes the pores of your skin to keep it healthy and moisturized. 5) Fat Loss Wanna burn that belly fat?! Studies have shown that cold water activates brown fat cells. Those are especially hard to get rid of by just working out and dieting. In addition to that it can also help to elevate testosterone levels. More and more studies are revealing the positive effects on fat loss. Nonetheless, cold showers will definitely never replace a good workout and a healthy lifestyle. 6) Immune System Wanna stay healthy?! This is rather common knowledge but only used by very few people. Going to extreme temperatures for a short period of time will enhance the efficiency of your immune system. Your immune system prevents your body from getting sick. If you don't like getting a cold consider getting a cold shower instead ;-) 7) Happiness Feeling anxious?! Many times we wake up and immediately start to worry about all the problems we have going on at work or in our personal lives. Taking a cold shower gets you in the right headspace. It brings awareness to our body and makes us appreciate the present moment. In addition to that they release endorphins. This will get you excited and ready for a new day full of opportunities!

I challenge you to take cold showers for 5 full days! Start with the coldest setting. Count to three and jump right in. Start taking deep breaths and keep the water running for at least 1 minute. You can then turn the warm water on for a moment to wash yourself and appreciate the warmth of the water. Finish with cold water and notice how your body feels. I hope this will help you as much as it helped me to get in the right headspace to start your day! Watch the full Video on YouTube and subscribe for more articles and blogposts! Always follow your impulse and keep smiling! :-)


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