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7 Best Face Exercises for a Strong Jawline!

Do you even lift, Bro?!

Muscles in our face respond in the same way to exercise as our biceps! In this article I will show you the 7 best exercises for a strong jawline and chiseled face structure.

When it comes to getting a tighter face, nutrition is just as important as for your muscle growth. Especially reducing your sodium intake and drinking a lot of water helps to reduce puffiness and water retention in your face.

In this article I talk more about the top 7 tips for a slimmer face:

After releasing this article I received a lot of questions about the exercises you can do so here are my top 7 facial exercises you can do:

1) Smile

My absolute favorite! Putting on a forced smile for a full minute actually has 2 effects. It will tighten your face overall and at the same time it will make you happy! Psychologists found out that actively putting on a smile will result in a genuine feeling of happiness. It's a great way to start your day on your way to work. Just smile, work on your facial muscles and spread some happiness! ;-)

2) Kiss

The result of a genuine smile! Instead of a romantic kiss you're going to look up to the sky and put your chin out while kissing the air. Really exaggerate this movement and make your mouth as long as possible! Repeat this around 15 times and you'll feel exhausted especially around the neck.

3) Jaw Circles

Frankenstein is back! I have to warn you: This exercise can look very stupid so you don't want to do it in public. Push your lower jaw out as if you had a slight underbite. Now imagine drawing circles with your lower chin while your head stays steady. It takes some practice! Repeat this 5 times for each side and you'll definitely feel your jaw muscles.

4) Alphabet

Let's go back to primary school! One of my acting coaches used the same technique to work on our vocal chords. Simply say all the vowels out loud. "A, E, I, O, U" -in case you don't remember all five of them. ;-)

Really exaggerate every movement. Your whole face should be moving. This will increase blood circulation in your face and helps to reduce puffiness and water retention.

5) The Thinker

Finally an exercise that makes you look cool! While most of the other exercises involve movement, this one mixes it up with a static pose. Put your chin on top of your fist and simply try to press down into your fist, using your jaw muscles. You can do this on the subway and still look cool and casual. Hold the tension for about 30 seconds, release and repeat 5 times in total.

6) Nose Touches

Your chance to impress your friends! Some people say it's physically impossible to touch your nose with your tongue. Challenge accepted! Stick your tongue out and feel the tension in your whole face while trying to touch your nose. Another great way to target the muscles around your mouth. I still have to work on this move. If you managed to touch your nose tweet me @marioadrion ! ;-)

7) Chewing Gum

Approved by your dentist! Combining a fresh breath with a solid and effortless exercise. Studies in Norway showed that chewing gum on a daily basis can change the shape of your face. Chew mostly in the back of your mouth. After an hour of chewing you will feel your jaw muscles getting tired. I chew gum every day during my workouts. It's such an effortless way to work on a stronger jawline!

I hope these exercises are helpful for you! Again, your face structure also depends on your genetics and nutrition. But these exercises can give you the last couple of % ! And if anything they are a lot of fun! ;-)


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