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5 No Bullshit Methods to Be Taller!

Being tall has many perks! This is why many people want to grow taller. But what can we actually do about our height?

The Facts

There are many videos and articles out there promising a magical growth formula that will instantly make you grow 5 inches. Unfortunately many of those resources just aim to sell you expensive products and services. So how about we put the magic aside for a second and look at the facts? :-)

Around 75% of your height is purely determined by your genetics. This is something you are born with and there is nothing you can do about it.

The remaining 25% depend on external factors. Those can be influenced by your own habits like nutrition and your overall lifestyle.

So let's focus on those 25% and the 5 Methods you can use to be taller.

1) Stay Healthy!

Our human body does not grow at a consistent rate. We go through several short growth phases in our lives. During these phases it is important for our body to have the right nutrients. Especially protein and minerals like Calcium are needed for bone growth and should be an essential part of your diet! Vegetables like spinach, kale and almonds are rich in Calcium and provide a solid base for body growth.

This will also support your immune system which prevents you from getting sick. Illness of any kind will interrupt your current growth phase. This is also the reason why people were significantly shorter around 100 years ago. They simply didn't have access to a balanced diet. Diseases and poor nutrition result in frequent interruptions of growth stages.

So make sure to stick to a protein and mineral rich diet to give your body a solid foundation to grow.

2) Stretch

Our spine makes up almost half of our body's total height. It is naturally curved in a slight S-shape. Nowadays unfortunately many people have strong muscular imbalances like an exaggerated curvature. This results in poor posture which is not only bad for your spine but also makes you look a lot shorter.

Stretching your chest and shoulder belt by expanding your arms on a regular basis will help to get a more upright posture. The same goes for your hip flexers. Yoga and deep lunges reduce the curvature in your lower spine. All that reestablishes the balance in your spine which adds to your total height!

3) Exercise

Many people are afraid of weightlifting! But the right exercises will help you establish a balance in your spine. Especially exercises for your upper back are recommended to regain an upright posture. Add bent over rows to your workout routine and make it a habit to strengthen your back.

Heavy Squads on the other hand can actually make you appear shorter over time. Studies in Norway have shown that extreme pressure from heavy weights can amplify the curvature of your spine. Moderate pressure on the other hand has been shown to activate bone growth and muscle regeneration. So don't be afraid of pressure on your spine but focus on your back muscles and stay away from extremely heavy weights!

4) Clothing

While the mentioned tips help you to actually add height to your body, the right clothes can create the illusion of a taller body. The easiest way is simply by wearing heels. Heels do not necessarily have to look feminine! There are many amazing options for men like this lift insole you can wear with any shoe. This will add additional height without being noticeable!

When it comes to your overall outfit you should always chose vertical stripes! They create the illusion of an elongated body. Horizontal stripes on the other hand as well as low crunch pants make you look shorter over all.

Surveys have revealed that the perceived height can be changed up to 4 inches simply by wearing the right clothes.

5) Hang out

Hanging out has 2 aspects that can help you be taller. Physically hanging on a bar has been shown to both stretch and activate your spine. Make is a habit after your workouts to hang on a pull up bar for one minute.

The second aspect is to simply get enough rest! A lot of water is stored in your intervertebral discs which can add up to over 2cm in height. The water in those discs is restored while you rest. By taking sleep away you lose a chance to grow and regenerate properly.

Love yourself

Again, there is no magic formula that will instantly make you grow! All these methods can support your body and make the most out of what you have.

In the end the most important aspect is to accept and love what you were born with. We all have so many insecurities and things we would like to change. Especially modeling has established unrealistic height and beauty standards that not everybody can live up to. Let's instead focus on the positive and embrace what we were born with!

There are many perks about being short and I personally have always been attracted to shorter people. In my eyes they just seem more agile, not as clumsy and just over all cute and adorable.

Always keep that in mind and embrace your uniqueness.


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