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How to walk with Confidence like a Male Model

"The way you walk shows Who You Are!"

It doesn't matter if you are a professional fashion model or just walking towards your boss at a job interview: a powerful and confident walk makes you more attractive!

I have walked for many fashion shows around the world and here are my top tips to walk like a male model!

Open Up

The most important point! Nowadays we do a lot of computer work and tend to close down which conveys weakness and insecurity. By rolling your shoulders back and opening your chest you will look and also feel 100 times more confident. Our body associates a certain posture with a general mood or feeling! So by opening your chest you will also feel more confident! Try it now! Do some yoga and work on stretching your chest and feel the difference when you walk with an open heart!


Less is more! While women tend to move their arms a lot and do all kinds of shapes and forms for men it's rather simple. Have the arms rolled back and relaxed by your side. Moving your arms too much looks nervous so just let them move with the natural flow of your walk! Do not close or fold your arms- again: Everything that closes you down will be interpreted as a sign of protection and insecurity. You want to stay open and convey relaxation and confidence.


As opposed to female models you don't want to shift your weight or cross your legs. Many men tend to have their legs too far apart which makes them look like a cowboy. Just have a solid stance around shoulder width apart and take slow and long steps! Moving too fast also conveys insecurity, You want to take long and really controlled steps to show balance and control while you move towards your destination!


Keep your head up! The most important aspect! Your chin should always be leading your body. This will also make you appear a lot taller! Looking down on the other hand is a sign of closing down and avoiding what's in front of you. So pick one point in front of you when you walk and focus on that point while you walk. Having a clear destination and not looking around will give you a purpose and help you with a more confident walk!


As a man it's all about looking strong and confident. Neither overly joyful nor depressed! What helps me on the runway is an animal technique where I just copy the expression and body language of an animal. For me it is usually a Puma. When I let the Puma take over I feel a lot more powerful and have a strong look in my eyes. Your Spirit animal could be something else! Try it out and feel how your look and pace change when you switch from a proud horse to a wild lion or an elegant swan!


Same thing: Less is More! While women shift their weight and blow kisses when they pivot you just keep it simple and classy! Walk up to the end of the runway and bring both legs to the same level shoulder width apart. Take around half a second in that position don't move your hips and simply turn around at the same pace. Many times you will do a walking turn where you simply don't stop but keep walking in a bow.

Congratulations: You opened up your chest, you have your arms relaxed by your legs shoulder width apart and take long and controlled steps with your chin up towards a fix point in front of you! Apply these tips when you walk on the street or when you are at a asking or on the runway!

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Feel free to ask any questions and check out my other articles and Videos on YouTube!

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