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Male Model Diet: Full Day of Eating with Male Model Mario Adrion

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What do Models eat?

There are many stereotypes about eating habits of models. Cocaine, cigarettes, cotton-balls are some of the most prominent examples of how far models go to stay lean and in shape. Luckily for us- there are many alternatives that are a lot cheaper and healthier for our body! In this Article I will first talk about the Basics of my Diet and then Show you a specific example of what I eat in a full day. Late Breakfast

A couple of years ago that my body would instantly burn all my muscle tissue if I didn't eat a high carb meal right after I wake up. Now, research has moved on and we know that delaying our first meal has a number of positive effects on our bodies such as enhanced release of human growth hormone and fat-loss. On a regular day I wake up at 7am, drink water, do. a quick Yoga session and start working on my Emails or YouTube Videos. That is the most productive time of my day! I usually work until 11 or 12 and give my body the chance to use Fats as a Source of Energy! Low Fat One gram of Fat has around 9kcal. Fats are extremely calorie dense which makes it easy to overeat on fats. A bag of Peanuts contains more than a quarter of the energy we need for a full day. They are also a lot harder to break down especially saturated fats from animal sources like cheese, butter and bacon! That's why I had the best body results and always felt the best when I reduced my fat intake to around 50g per day mostly consumed in the evening and after my workout! Low Grains and Sugars Grains cover everything from Pasta and Toast to Breakfast Cereal! They are high in carbs and can provide you with a lot of energy for your workout. Whole grain products also contain a lot of healthy fibers and vitamins as opposed to refined white Flour. White Bread for example will drive your blood-sugar up which will make you hungry again after a few hours. Access amount of carbs will just be stored as Fats which is why I barely eat any sugar and reduce my Grain intake to whole grain products like Brown Rice, Oatmeal or a nice Dark Rye bread. Instead I get most of my energy and carbs from Fruits and Lentils, Beans! High Fiber Fiber is basically what your body can not digest. They are found in whole grain products, fruits and Flaxseeds! They help to reduce your Blood Sugar Levels which keeps you full and satisfied for a longer time and stops you from eating too many calories and gain weight. They also have an extremely positive effect on the bacterial in our intestinal track! I eat Fiber with almost every meal so I never have to worry about counting calories but just eat until I am full.

High Protein Reporter: "Hey Arnold, how much Protein should we eat per day?" Arnold: "All of it." It's not that simple but protein has many positive effects. I serves as a building block for muscle tissue in our bodies and helps to burn fat. Especially if we work out we need more protein to rebuild our muscles. Protein sources also keep you full for a longer time which helps to stay lean and burn fat. I eat around 1.5g of Protein per kg of Bodyweight. So if you're 80kg and working out you should aim for around 120g per day. I get most of my Protein from natural sources like Eggs, Lentils Greek yoghurt and sometimes some Whey Protein Isolate when I crave something sweet.

Here is a link to my favorite Protein Supplement that tastes natural and delicious.

Now we have covered the Basics of what I look out for in my diet! Let's now move on and I will show you some specific examples of my meals throughout the day. Breakfast No matter if you chose to delay your Breakfast like me or have it right after you wake up. My Breakfast is always my biggest meal of the day and contains the main portion of my daily carbs! They are easier to store and break down than fats so it's great to replenish your carb storages with your first meal so you can use the energy for your daily activities or your work out! Generally I would have a lot of fruit with some complex whole grain carb sources like Oatmeal or Rye Bread. Here's an example of a typical high Carb High Protein Breakfast!

Greek Yoghurt (Low Fat) Raisins, Bananas, Oatmeal, Flaxseeds, Protein Powder for the flavor! Lunch After a large breakfast I give my body some rest before my workout. I do most of my work like castings and meetings after my Breakfast and do not have a big traditional lunch. Instead I just work and have some little snacks while I work. Green tea is also great to suppress your appetite during the day and helps you to keep your focus up! I do not want to work out on a full stomach which is why I have some light snacks like an apple or my all time favorite carrot around 1 hour before my workout. That way I can use the energy from my Breakfast but won't feel full and heavy during my workout!

Carrots are my absolute favorite snack in all life situations ;-) Dinner When I'm done with my workout I don't immediately eat. I keep it natural and eat when my body tells me to, usually within 1 or two hours after my workout. After my dinner I usually just rest and do some email work which is why I keep it lower in carbs but higher in healthy fats and Protein! I want to give my body the nutrients it needs to recover while I sleep! Eggs are a great low carb Protein and Fat source. Other options are Fish, organic grass fed cheeses and Lean Meats like chicken breast or turkey! Other carb sources like all Vegetables, Lentils or beans are also great but I stay away from huge amounts of fruit, Potatoes and Bread!

This is an example of a typical egg Dinner with some Coconut Oil, Garlic, Tons of Vegetables and a small salad with Avocado, Walnut Oil and some Vinegar!

This is a general overview of what I eat!

High Carb in the morning, just some smaller snacks during the day and a nice high fat dinner at night! This gets me to around 2800 kcal, 160g of protein, 50g of Fats and 380g of Carbs!

As long as you eat natural and high in fiber and Protein you will not have to count calories but can just listen to your body and be in great shape! That's what works for me but we are all different and have to find our own diet routine. I hope this can be an inspiration for you to eat healthier and feel better! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more Videos or donate if this was helpful for you! Keep smiling, Mario Adrion


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