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How to Get a Male Model Body!

As a Male Model you do not want to become the next Hulk! If you get too big and muscular you quickly lose the elegance needed as a Male Model and won't be able to fit any regular sized jackets. That's why my goal as a Model has always been to stay athletic while still maintaining a high muscle definition and a chiseled sixpack! For this goal I have developed a workout routine that can be divided into three main aspects:

Weight lifting

This is by far the most important aspect of my diet and I believe everybody should do weight lifting even if they just want to lose weight!

Why it is so important?

Weight lifting has a couple of amazing effects on your body. First of all an intense workout with heavy weights is going to burn a lot of calories and at the same time will send a signal to your body to maintain muscle mass. If you burn the same amount of calories doing cardio exercises your body will be more likely to use muscle fiber as a source of energy and store fat after your workouts. Just having muscle mass increases your basal metabolism and therefore helps you to burn fat even when you rest. Gaining or losing body mass is ultimately regulated by your calorie intake so if you want to lose body fat and get really defined I suggest restricting your calories while still doing heavy weight lifting workouts!

How often should I work out?

Your body needs time to recover! Depending on the intensity of your workout this takes up to three days for each muscle group. This is why I work out every other day splitting my muscle groups. So one day I only work on my chest and triceps. Then I take a day off before I do a back and biceps workout followed by another rest day and one day at the end of the week where I just work on my legs! Each workout is never longer than 60 minutes which is more than enough to focus on one part of my body and give my muscles the time they need to recover! What excercises should I do?

I personally believe that it is best to work on big muscle groups like back and legs as opposed to specific body parts like biceps or calves. Excercises that target those groups and have many different muscles involved are called basic excercises. Here is a basic example of the excercises I do on a regular day.

I do 4 sets of each exercise with a target of 7-10 repetitions. Day I: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps:

  • Incline Bench Press

  • Dumbbell Shoulder Raise

  • Chest Dips

  • Barbell Shoulder Press

Day II: Back, Biceps

  • Barbell bent over row

  • Pull ups

  • Butterfly reverse

  • Barbell curls

Day III: Legs, Lower back

  • Barbell Squat

  • Barbell Deadlifts

  • Dumbbell lunges

  • Weighted hyper extensions

Including a rest of 80 seconds after each exercise this gives me an intense 45 minute workout. There is no need to spend 2-3hrs at the gym! Just don't check your phone and push yourself to get stronger every time! An intense 45min workout is much better than a 3hr freestyle session without any plan and focus!

2) Cardio I believe everything in life is about having and maintaining a healthy balance! Heavy weightlifting is the core aspect of my workout but cardio is an amazing addition! Why should I do Cardio?

Cardio helps to burn a lot of calories and is therefore great to speed up fat loss! It has also been proven to be very effective for stress relief and at the same time helps with your recovery after an intense workout! I personally don't do cardio to burn calories but mostly as a warm up before or right after intense weightlifting sessions to speed up my recovery after! Short runs especially outside in a park or along the river help me to release stress and keep my focus up during the day! How much cardio?

I start every single workout with a 10-15 minute run on the treadmill to get my heart rate up. This protects you from getting injured and you will feel a or more motivated during your sets! In addition to that I add a 30-45 min regenerative run at least once a week on a rest day! Especially when I do a lot of work at home and don't walk much that day I make it a priority to run. As I said it's a great workout and fat burning tool but for me the effect on my mood and focus are even more important! Are there other alternatives?

Running is obviously just one option that I love because you can pretty much do it anywhere you want! But swimming, biking and even playing basketball or other sports will show similar effects! I personally am also getting more and more into Yoga! I start every morning with a quick Yoga Flow to Stretch my muscles and to mentally get ready for my day! It provides a great balance by training both flexibility and balance and also serves as a great tool to strengthen your core!

3) Walk! The last aspect of my workout sounds so simple and yet is one of the most powerful ones! I was always in my best shape when I lived in New York City and had to walk to all my modeling castings and meetings! Walking burns a lot of calories and fat without any effort and clears your mind at the same time! That's why I make it a priority to walk at least 10,000 steps every day using the app Health on the IPhone. I also stay productive while I walk by listening to some podcasts or calling my mom! Don't take the subway, walk as much as you can- it makes a huge difference!! These are the 3 main aspects of my workout, I hope I could give you an idea and help you on your journey!

If you want to know more about my diet as a Male Model check out this Article here or watch my Video on YouTube! Stay Strong + keep smiling!


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