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Male Model Hairstyle Tutorial

A great haircut can completely change the way you look. Especially for modeling it is important to find a haircut that fits YOU! But what is the best haircut and how can you get it?

The best hairstyles We all have different features. Some have a rounder face. Others have a very chiseled bone structure. The trick is to find the hairstyle that best fits your type and personality. Here are some of your best hairstyle options: Buzz cut: Edgy, nothing to style and very trendy. A Buzzcut really brings out all your facial features a lot more. It is perfect to show a very edgy, urban side but doesn't give many styling options. It limits the number of modeling jobs but is a strong choice if you want to go into less commercial modeling jobs. Long Hair: Long hair for men has always been popular! It really makes you stand out from the masses and adds a feminine character. Especially man buns are really up and coming and easy to style. If you are already an edgy character it can really open new markets for you. At the same time many commercial clients will not be able to work with long hair. Undercut: Long hair on top, short sides and no transition! This makes the Undercut and edgier version of the classic blend. The short sides make your face look slimmer over all which is great for everybody with a bit of a rounder face structure. For most modeling clients the extreme cut is too edgy and they won't book you for commercial projects. Classic Fade: My personal favorite! As opposed to the undercut the shorter sides smoothly blend into the longer top. That way it still creates a slimmer face and most importantly: It creates variety! I can be styled in a very commercial way with an easy side part. But I've also had shoots where my hair was falling to the front in a rebellious way.

male model hairstyles

How to get it? The classic fade is a general direction but can take many different forms. Once you tell your hairdresser that you want a classic fade you will have a couple of different length-options. I personally try to keep the sides a little longer than 2cm. This way you can use some gel to flatten the sides and still play with it. The top should be at least 5 times longer so your hair can be combed back to create a nice flow.

Be careful! Make sure your hairdresser does not use a razor for your sides. It should all blend in nicely with a scissor cut. I made that mistake of not being clear enough, ended up with a buzzcut on my sides and cried for many hours ;-) How to style it? Once you have the perfect length, here is how I style my hair every day. 1) Get Wet: I always style my hair right after taking a shower. Especially in the morning, my hair can be all over the place so getting it wet helps to restart from zero and get it under control.

2) Comb it back: Once it is wet, comb it all to the back to give it a general first direction. I go straight back and make it blend in nicely with the shorter hair in the back. 3) Hair band secrets: The perfect alternative to a fan! I put in a hairband to keep my hair in place until it starts to dry naturally. This way I create a nice flow without having to carry a fan on my travels or damaging my hair! 4) Clay on sides: I flatten out the sides using a strong wax. This is by far my favorite product! It gives my hair a nice hold and also can be remodeled after applying it.

5) Fix it: As a final step I simply add some hairspray to keep everything in place. I chose not to put a lot of product on top just to keep it natural and loose! 6) Play with it! Once the sides are flat and you created a natural flow to the back it's all up to you! I always push my hair around and let it fall however it wants to fall. Like I said: Choosing the right hairstyle is entirely up to you. Make sure it fits your individual look and what you are going for. A classic fade gives you a lot of different styling options and variety! This is why it is my number one choice especially for modeling! Let me know about your favorite hairstyle options and watch the full styling video on YouTube. Keep following your impulse.


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