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My lifechanging Morning Routine in 8 Steps!

The way you start your day changes everything! Especially in my stressful job as a male model I want my mornings to be more structured and relaxed! This is the morning routine that helps me to be more focused, happy and successful!

1) Jumpstart!

Don't waste any time!

I like to start my days early around 6 or 7am. Once I feel like my body is ready I immediately jump out of bed - ready for a new day!

2) No phone!

The world can wait!

If you check your phone first thing in the morning you will be reactive all day. It is a lot better to be active and the world won't end if you answer your messages 20 minutes later. Clear your mind in the morning and put your phone away!

3) Hydrate!

Water is life!

Being hydrated will help you to lose weight and just look and feel better. I don't have breakfast first thing in the morning. Instead I have 3 full glasses of water to get my day started. Later in the day I will drink green tea but I always stay away from all kinds of sodas, juices or sweetened drinks!

4) Cold Shower!

Shock your body!

In this article I talk more about the benefits of taking cold showers. The main benefit is an increased alertness and focus on the breath. Whenever I take cold showers I feel happy, alert and relaxed after!

5) Yoga Flow!

Stretch your body!

Especially after sleeping in fetal position for hours your body will feel stiff. Yoga helps me to reactivate my muscles and focus on my body. It is also a great core workout to work for a toned stomach and sixpack abs. I go through a 10 or 15 minute flow every single morning and it has changed my life!

6) Meditation

Be present!

It is easy to be swept away by your own thoughts. But constantly thinking about things in the future or worrying about the past won't get you anywhere. Taking only 10 minutes every morning to focus on your breath will make it easier to be present and enjoy your day. I am still learning a lot about meditation but just doing it for a few minutes in the morning makes me more focused and productive throughout my day!

7) Journal

Be aware!

Some people confuse journaling with keeping a diary. After meditating and checking in with my body I write down whatever I feel. Sometimes this could be one sentence, sometimes I'll write essays about how worried I am about an upcoming meeting or date. Getting it out there on paper makes it more tangible and helps you to overcome any worries or fears you might have. After that I simple write down one specific goal for my day. Setting small goals every day makes you take action without putting too much stress on you!

8) Grattitude

Be grateful!

I believe we all have a million things we can be grateful for. As long as we focus on that we can all be happier! Every morning before I get started with my day I think about one thing I am grateful for and write it down. Today I feel grateful for the fact that I have a healthy body and can move without any limitations!

These 8 steps have absolutely changed my life. As a Model I often miss having a clear schedule. Castings come up last minute and every day is unpredictable and full of uncertainty, challenges and rejection. Giving myself only 20 minutes to ground myself in the morning has helped me to be more successful productive and happy!

I hope my morning routine inspires you to achieve the same. Let me know in the comments if you have any specific rituals in the morning.

I am excited to hear about it.

Watch the full video and many other inspirational videos on YouTube!

Always follow your impulses and keep smiling!


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