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The best YOGA Morning Routine

Doing Yoga in the morning has changed my life!

I strongly believe the way you start your day defines the outcome and mindset of the rest of your day!

Starting with a 5 minute Yoga routine has been extremely helpful to be more focused and relaxed during the day.

But even on a physical level this routine will help to strengthen the core and boost our metabolism in the morning which is essential to burn fat and stay lean.


1) I do NOT check my phone until after my Yoga workout. Otherwise all my mail or social media posts will just distract me during my stretches. The world is not going to stop if you reply 5 minutes later ;-)

2) I am a huge fan of working out in a fasted state right when I wake up. I do NOT eat and only have a glass of water and then get right into my Yoga flow. This will help burn more fat and also prevent stomach issues while you're stretching.

3) Set an intention for your quick Workout. Like today I will focus on my breath and quickly remind yourself why you're doing this. Telling myself that this is for me and my wellbeing helps me stay focused and motivated for all tasks.


After this setup we should be ready to kill it! I go through a series of 10 short exercises each with a different focus on the body!

Watch my full YouTube Video here with my Yoga Routine!

1) Deep Side Bend:

I start of with some deep breaths lifting my arms overhead. Creating as much space as possible between my ribs, bending to both sides and the back.

2) Downward Facing Dog:

From there I bring it down into a "Down Dog" stretching out my shoulders and getting into my calf muscles by pressing down the heels to the floor.

3) One Legged Pushups:

Whaaat?! Pushups in a Yoga Routine? Yep, I take 2 sets of 5 Pushups with one leg extended. Pushups in the morning help to wake me up and is a great way to activate muscle strength and fat burn.

4) Upward Facing Dog:

From there dive into an "Up Dog" lifting up your chin to the sky. Take a gentle twist to the left and right here while keeping your arms extended at all times.

5) Sumo Stand:

Transition into a wide legged sumo stand with your feet parallel to each other. Place your hands on your knees and twist to both sides. This is great to get into your shoulder belt.

6) Flying Frog:

This is a more advanced move but I like to push myself every morning. Place your knees on your elbows and press off the ground with your feet so both feet are off the ground and you're hovering on your arms. This is great for balance and core strength!

7) Splits:

My goal for 2018 is mastering the splits! If you do this every morning you'll see an improvement every day! Go as low as you can, sit on your butt and reach forward with your arms, rocking back and forth.

8) Full Bridge:

My favorite exercise to stretch out your shoulders, core and basically everything else ;-)

Place your hands next to your ears while lying on your back and lift your hips as high as you can. If this is too advanced rest your arms on the floor and just lift your hips.

9) Spinal Twist:

The reward after an exhausting Bridge! Lift your bent leg up and over to the left and extend both arms as far as you can while looking to the right. Do this for both sides. Disclaimer: Your back might crack! That's a good thing ;-)

10) Shavasana:

Laying down flat on your back. Seems like a simple exercise but it's all about staying present and feeling how your body was affected by this quick Yoga Workout.


Yoga helps me to stay present during a meditation! For me it is very hard to stay present especially with 10,000 thoughts and ideas running through my head. After this session though I sit down on a chair and just focus on the areas of my body that I can feel now.

I set another intention for my day and open my eyes after 10 minutes- feeling refreshed and ready to start my day!

Share this post or my Yoga Routine and leave me any questions or suggestions in the comments.

Namaste, my friends ;-)


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